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Is Email Marketing Still Relevant in 2023?

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant in 2023?

Email marketing is an excellent way to get your name and brand out there in a quick and easy way; many successful marketing campaigns utilized email marketing in order to see success. This form of marketing comes with many benefits, and with some drawbacks. With the increase of spam detection and security in different email receivers, it may be difficult to get your footing with a reliable sending list. Consider researching how different emails operate and what words or practices are blacklisted and auto detected as spam. Use this email finder at Findy Mail to start your journey off, but before that here are some ways in which email marketing still remains relevant.


Email marketing provides the ability to personalize and customize every aspect of your template and email. Adding a signature with a designed banner showcasing your business and contact information does wonders in showing legitimacy to those on the other side of the email. By carefully curating the sending list for your email, you can tailor fit the email to that chosen industry. Creating the perfect template can make each email feel personal and unique to the receiver, even when they may not be.

With the endless opportunities for customization for your email, the ability to target a specific demographic becomes accessible. If your primary audience is young adults and teens, then using an informal tone in your template will help to connect with that audience. By then shifting the wording in that template the tone can be changed to a more professional and mature wording, allowing you to target an older audience. Effective market research is an important step in ensuring the success of email marketing, therefore, it is always important not to neglect this step to your marketing campaign.


Setting up a strong template is the most important part of email marketing, after this you may consider automating the process and shifting your focus onto another area of your campaign. Automating your email list can ensure you’re reaching thousands of potential clients all through the click of a button, and also allows you to reach more clients than personalizing your template. Email reminders can also be automated, and by automating this process you can give the gentle nudge for a conversion of interest into a sale. Setting up a mailing list through an initial sign up to a website can be an excellent way to ensure customer loyalty.

Through automation email marketing remains one of the strongest methods to ensure a good ROI. By investing in a professional digital marketer and copywriter strong templates can be crafted that will feel personal even despite the automation; adding a personal touch to the email can persuade a client to buy a product. Every form of marketing needs to make a profit on its investment, luckily email marketing remains a relatively cheap way to boost your sales and profits. Email marketing can be the make-or-break in creating a strong bottom line and ensuring your product’s longevity.

Cost Effective

Compared to SEO or CRO, email marketing can be quite cost effective if just starting out or needing a strong push on a product. Minimizing your costs when it comes to marketing can be an excellent way to justify the process and be an excellent way to boost up your profits. There are many ways you could go about employing email marketing, but hiring a copywriter to create a strong template remains the most cost effective method. The template is everything when it comes to email marketing, once that is created the rest can be left up to automation.

Adapted for Mobile

Compared to word of mouth, or advertisement, email marketing can be sent to just about every person with a phone. This means having access to as big an audience as you want at any time you want. Many people have notifications turned on for their email, allowing you to catch their attention with a dynamic subject heading that will lead them to open. A lot of the time people may ignore their emails, especially when through a phone, but if you ensure that 10% of thousands of potential customers do click, then you can still see big profits.

Connecting directly to your customers through a mailing list can also allow you to send your emails right at the appropriate times. Sending out your mail during the end of day can mean someone will open it while on the bus home. If you’re marketing a product aimed at making home life easier, tailoring your mailing time to late in the evening can ensure it has the most effect.


Email marketing can be an excellent way to get your footing or launch your new business venture off the ground. Digital marketing can be a tricky field to navigate as a beginner, and without working with experts you may run the risk of being tricked. Always do your due diligence on any digital marketers you plan to work with regarding email marketing. Make sure they are professional copywriters when it comes to email templates, and that they have a proven track record.



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