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How I Fell in Love With Minecraft While Travelling

How I Fell in Love With Minecraft While Travelling

Traveling is a nice experience when you have something to keep you company along the way. You can keep yourself occupied in many ways to avoid boredom while on a road trip, rail, or flight. But sometimes, the journey can be long and tiring. Hence, as you visit places and meet new people, you need to keep yourself busy with a puzzle, listen to music, or play a game.

In my case, I like playing games on my laptop. Coincidentally, a passenger next to me asked if I had ever tried the popular Minecraft game. Before that, I had heard of Minecraft but never really understood why it was that famous. I thought it was just like any other video game. However, I was wrong because I discovered so much about Minecraft and fell in love with it.

In this article, I will share why this game should be your company when traveling to pass the time and make your trip enjoyable. Keep reading.

The Best Things About Minecraft

As soon as I signed up and tried the game, I was amazed by the visuals. The view of the beautiful Minecraft landscape is both simple and exciting. The game is also easy to manipulate as you explore and construct your world. This game allows you to become creative in anything you can imagine. Additionally, there are no set objectives or missions to complete in Minecraft, like in some games, but rather, it lets you do whatever pleases you as you adventure.

So, what other things made Minecraft thrilling during my entire adventure? Here are some of the things you will also love when traveling and playing this game.

Building From Memories

As you travel, you may encounter long waits at airports, train stations, or bus stations. That’s when Minecraft becomes your partner during these downtimes. The game is easy to play anywhere using any portable device. Since Minecraft presents the world as an empty space, it allows you to express your creativity in different ways. It allows the building of structures, the design of beautiful landscapes, and even the creation of complicated machines using Redstone.

Hence, if there is one thing you can buy from your trip when playing the game, it is collecting ideas from what you see around you and applying them to Minecraft. From what you can observe, you can start with small houses, bridges, and gardening. Hence, as you travel through different places, you will find inspiration in the architecture and landscapes around you. This will make your trip even more memorable.

Sharing the Experience

Minecraft is hosted by some of the best and most populated servers that allow you to game with other players around the world. The multiplayer servers are a great way to experience and appreciate other people’s abilities, something that will resonate with your travel and adventure. Playing with others has a social benefit that you will really enjoy. No wonder one of the best features of Minecraft is its community, which provides room for online socialization.

Hence, as you travel, you can check on the fresh updated list of Minecraft servers to stay connected with other Minecraft players online. You will have fun showcasing your creations and competing through the multiplayer servers. Bonding becomes part of your gaming, and even when you return home, you will find it better to share your experience with Minecraft with friends and family. Together, you will build great and beautiful worlds as you share the fun.

Survival and Problem-Solving Skills

Minecraft’s survival feature entails gathering necessary materials and construction tools and defending yourself from the ravaging monsters that hunt at night. Even as you adventure your travel destinations, you can buy a few survival tricks from Minecraft. This mode offers you the opportunity to pass the time, but more so keeps your mind alert to your real destination.

Playing Minecraft while traveling will teach you many problem-solving skills. The game’s open nature allows you to think outside the box and come up with solid solutions to each challenge. Sometimes, it may take longer to finish a task or even to start all over again. That taught me the need to have patience and complete tasks under difficult circumstances.


Minecraft, the most popular game for lovers of online gaming, became more than just a game for me while traveling. It was a great companion that offered me the chance to become creative by applying what I saw in the natural landscapes I visited. The game also offers players a chance to stay connected.

The freedom to build and adventure while overcoming the challenges of survival mode makes your trip and layovers seem shorter by breaking boredom. Minecraft will also help you understand and appreciate the beauty of our real world as you travel. Hence, next time you go on a trip, ensure that Minecraft is one of the things you carry.



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