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If you’ve never eaten our food, here’s a quick guide to help you navigate almost any Puerto Rican menu.

First, there are plantains, possibly the most ubiquitous ingredient in Puerto Rican cooking. They can be cut, smashed into flat patties and fried to create tostones. They can be ripened until sweet and they become maduros. Or they can become the mightiest Puerto Rican delicacy of all: the mofongo. A mound of mashed fried green plantains, the mofongo is often stuffed with seafood, pork, or vegetables.

Then, there’s asopao, a hearty soup made with sofrito (a zesty blend of seasonings popular in Latin American cuisines), chicken, vegetables, and rice.

Finally, there’s lechón. You take an entire pig, put it through a spit, and roast it to perfection it over charcoal. More than a dish, it’s an event. Where there’s lechón, there’s a party.


Puerto Rico’s largest annual food festival has quickly grown to become one of the most important gatherings for foodies and chefs in the Caribbean. This weekend-long celebration of Puerto Rican cuisine combines food pavilions and friendly celebrity chef competitions.


Fans of food television have already been introduced to some of Puerto Rico’s best chefs. The island boasts a crop of outstanding young cooks, many of whom have received acclaim and accolades on the global stage. Three of our chefs have made regular appearances on Bravo’s “Top Chef Masters” and The Food Network’s “The Next Iron Chef.”

  1. Roberto Treviño

    Restaurants: Budatai, Casa Lola, Bar Gitano, El Barril

  2. Wilo Benet

    Restaurants: Pikayo

  3. Mario Pagán

    Restaurants: Lemongrass, Laurel

  4. Tino Feliciano

    Restaurants: Yia's by Chef Tino

  5. Ángel Santiago

    Restaurants: Lola Eclectic Cuisine

  6. Ventura Vivoni

    Restaurants: Vida Ventura

Did you know that Puerto Rican coffee was once the preferred choice of the Pope? Coffee growing has a rich history in Puerto Rico. The island’s volcanic soil and the moist climate of its mountainous interior make for perfect growing conditions. Its growing artisanal industry now produces some of the finest coffee in the world.

Coffee Haciendas

  1. Café Lucero


    Website (787) 848-8387
  2. Hacienda San Pedro


    Website (787) 828-2083
  3. Hacienda Tres Ángeles


    Website (787) 360-0019
  4. Café Nativo


    Website (787) 315-7881

Coffee Tasting Tours

  1. Cafeitour and the Coffee Experience in Puerto Rico

    Cafeitour, San Juan

    Activities: Agrotourism, Coffee Tasting, Sightseeing

  2. Coffee Tasting in San Juan

    Flavors of San Juan, San Juan

    Attractions: Old San Juan

    Activities: Coffee Tasting

  3. The Secrets of Espresso and Mallorcas

    Get Shopped PR, Inc., San Juan

    Attractions: Old San Juan

    Activities: Coffee Tasting, Culinary, Food Tasting, Gastronomy

  4. The Real Coffee Hacienda Green Experience

    Hacienda Tres Ángeles, Adjuntas, Adjuntas

    Attractions: Hacienda Tres Ángeles, Adjuntas

    Activities: Agrotourism, Coffee Tours, Coffee Tasting, Coffee Shop


  1. Mofongo & Mojito Tour: The Original

    Get Shopped PR, Inc., San Juan

    Attractions: Old San Juan

    Activities: Dinning, Culinary, Gastronomy, Food Tasting

  2. Flavors of San Juan Food and Culture Tours, San Juan

    Flavors of San Juan Food and Culture Tours, San Juan

    Attractions: Old San Juan

    Activities: Cooking Classes, Rum Tasting, Food Tasting, History walk, Culinary

  3. Spirits of Puerto Rico Rum & Food Tasting

    Legends of Puerto Rico, San Juan

    Attractions: Old San Juan

    Activities: Walking, Food Tasting, Rum Tasting, Gastronomy, Culinary

  4. The Art of Cheese Making Workshop

    Casa Lila, Old San Juan

    Attractions: Casa Lila, Old San Juan

    Activities: Cheese-making, Gastronomy, Culinary, Food tasting


  1. Guavate Roast Pork Highway Pig-Out: Eat, Drink and Dance

    Charlie's Custom Tours Puerto Rico, Cayey

    Attractions: Guavate

    Activities: Culinary, Gastronomy, Food Tasting, Dancing

Mesones are eateries endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company as exceptional restaurants outside of San Juan for their high level of quality and their commitment to local specialties.


  1. Daniel's Seafood

    Website (787) 852-1784
  2. Pasión por el Fogón by Chef Myrta

    Website (787) 657-1051
  3. Restaurante El Tenedor

    Website (787) 734-6573
  4. Restaurante Pasión por el Fogón

    Website (787) 863-3502
  5. Starfish (Fajardo Inn)

    Website (787) 860-6000


  1. Aquamarina (Parador Villa Parguera)

    Website (787) 899-7777
  2. Olas y Arenas (Villas Del Mar Hau)

    Website (787) 872-2045
  3. Restaurante Flamboyán Parador Vistamar

    Website (787) 895-2065
  4. Restaurante Hacienda Latina

    Website (787) 833-2041
  5. Restaurante La Cascada

    Website (787) 851-2158
  6. Restaurante Tino's

    Website (787) 851-2976
  7. Tres Amigos (El Faro)

    Website (787) 882-8000


  1. La Colina 360 Restaurant

    Website (787) 802-0360
  2. Restaurant El Buen Café

    Website (787) 898-1000
  3. Restaurante El Ladrillo

    Website (787) 796-2120
  4. Restaurante Su Casa

    Website (787) 884-0047


  1. El Ancla

    Website (787) 840-2450
  2. Lola Eclectic Cuisine

    Website (787) 813-5033
  3. Pito's Seafood

    Website (787) 841-4977
  4. Restaurante El Balcón del Capitán

    Website (787) 824-6210
  5. Restaurante El Roble

    Website (178) 782-46210

Central Mountain

  1. Casa Bavaria

    Website (787) 862-7818
  2. La Vecindad del Chavo

    Website (787) 385-6417
  3. Restaurante Las Garzas, Parador Villas Sotomayor

    Website (787) 829-1717
  4. Restaurante Tío Pepe

    Website (787) 735-9615

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