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Photo: Calle Virtud, Old San Juan

Kite Flying at El Morro

"The most popular spot on the island for Kite Flying is the wide, open field of El Morro. The area around the historical landmark contains all the necessary conditions for successful kite flying in a picturesque setting: the sprawling green lawn, the unobstructured airspace (no power lines or aircraft), and the constant, unrelenting trade winds. With these characteristics, it's no wonder why kite flying in El Morro is something every Puerto Rican family tries at least once." By: EyeTour.com

Having fun in Old San Juan is not very hard. You could just buy a couple of kites and go crazy over the open green grass fields by El Morro. But if you prefer your schedule to be a bit more structured, any of these tours will show you around a city like no other.

Specialized tours

  1. Countryside Tours

    Website (787) 593-9014
  2. Flavors of San Juan Food & Culture Tours

    Website (787) 964-2447
  3. Get Shopped P.R. Inc.

    Website (787) 381-2861
  4. Legends of Puerto Rico

    Website (787) 764-2354
  5. Old San Juan Heritage Walking Tours

    Website (787) 723-3848
  6. Rent the Bicycle

    Website (787) 602-9696
  7. Sailing Dreams Yatch Charter

    Website (787) 272-0005
  8. Arch Tours

    Website (787) 640-4070
  9. Sail San Juan Bay

    Website (787) 667-7778
  10. Spoon Food Tours

    Website (787) 249-4488

Culinary Tours @ Old San Juan

  1. Spirits of Puerto Rico

    An extraordinary rum and food tasting dinner experience. Join us and get acquainted with the rum and food culture of Puerto Rico at a restaurant in Old San Juan. As the evening progresses, your guide will teach you how to taste and differentiate between 8 different types of rum, served during a Puerto Rican dinner. You will become a bartender and prepare your rum cocktails from scratch. Must 21 years old.

    Website (787) 605-9060
  2. Interactive Puerto Rican Cooking Classes

    An authentic Puerto Rican Food expedition through the charming Old San Juan blue coble-stone streets from the 1500s century. Offer includes: four dinner courses progressively eaten through a VIP visit to different restaurants and a discount card given for future savings at partner shops and restaurants. Must be 18 years old or older.

    Website (787) 964-2447
  3. Old san Juan Shopping & Cooking Experience

    At the heart of Old San Juan's shopping district, a fully guided tour will show you the best and most unique stores San Juan's historic streets has to offer, including special sales and gifts to participants. Next, the highlight of the tour, visit a beautiful restaurant and taste the flavors of Puerto Rican cuisine where you can interact with our creative chef and learn how to do Mofongo. Duration: 4 hours.

    Website (787) 381-2861
  4. 5 Stars, 5 Senses –A Walking & Foodie Tour of Old San Juan

    Entertain your palate with a self-cooked early dinner in our foodie workshop. Includes: Walking Tour, Cooking Demo, Puerto Rican complete dinner, Cocktail & Taxes. Tour: Mondays & Thursdays. Duration: Aprox. 4 hrs. Please reserve in advanced.

    Website (787) 722-2080
  1. Caribe Hilton

    San Juan

    Website (787) 721-0303
  2. Casa Castellana B&B Inn

    San Juan

    Website (787) 200-5752
  3. Casa Sol B&B

    San Juan

    Website (787) 399-0105
  4. CasaBlanca Hotel

    San Juan

    Website (787) 725-3436
  5. Comfort Inn San Juan

    San Juan

    Website (787) 721-0170
  6. Da' House Hotel

    San Juan

    Website (787) 366-5074
  7. Hotel El Convento

    San Juan

    Website (787) 723-9020
  8. Hotel Milano

    San Juan

    (787) 729-9050
  9. La Terraza de San Juan

    San Juan

    Website (787) 722-2014
  10. Plaza de Armas Hotel

    San Juan

    (787) 722-9191
  11. San Juan Suites Hotel

    San Juan

    Website (787) 725-1351
  12. Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel & Casino

    San Juan

    Website (787) 721-5100
  13. Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino

    San Juan

    Website (787) 993-3500
  1. Bahía Urbana

    A new project for the revitalization of San Juan’s bay area, it has transformed a 21-block area into an entire neighborhood that features shopping, dining, hotels, housing, parks, trails, and a stunning waterfront esplanade.

    San Juan

  2. Casa Blanca

    The secluded, white-walled estate at the beginning of San Sebastián Street in Old San Juan is actually on of the oldest structures in Puerto Rico. Built in 1521, it is the original home of the Ponce de León family.

    San Juan

  3. Castillo San Cristóbal

    The largest fort ever built by Spain in the New World, the imposing Castillo San Cristóbal was completed in 1785. It was intended to guard against a land invasion, so it was ingeniously designed according to a “defense in depth” model, which created numerous successive barriers for advancing enemy forces.

    San Juan

    Website (787) 729-6960
  4. Castillo San Felipe del Morro (“El Morro”)

    El Morro is perhaps the most famous historic structure in Puerto Rico. Begun in 1539, the might fortress was built on a narrow point overlooking the San Juan Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It served as a formidable stronghold, successfully repelling almost every naval attack on the city. Today, El Morro and its sister fort, Castillo San Cristóbal, are National Historic Sites and the oldest European constructions in the United States National Park Service.

    San Juan

    Website (787) 729-6960, (787) 729-6754
  5. Children’s Museum

    The playful yet instructive Museo del Niño is a favorite destination for kids of all ages. With exhibits that include a mini TV studio, a children-only town, and a variety of exhibits that educate children about science, health, music and art, the museum is a unique and delightful attraction in Old San Juan.

    San Juan

    Website (787) 722-3791
  6. Galería Nacional

    The National Gallery exhibits works of religious art, the largest collection of José Campeche paintings, artworks by Francisco Oller and his disciples, and a selection of iconic works from up to 60 years, with a strong representation of the famous 50s generation.

    San Juan

    Website (787) 725-2670, (787) 725-2671
  7. La Fortaleza

    Completed in 1540, La Fortaleza (“The Fortress”) was one of the city’s earliest defenses against attack. In 1846, it became the official governor’s residence.

    Website (787) 721-7000 ext. 2211
  8. Paseo La Princesa

    No walk in Old San Juan is complete without an evening stroll through this restored 19th century esplanade. The promenade is lined with antique street lamps, trees, statues, fountains, and street vendors.

    San Juan

  9. San José Church

    Built in 1532, the San José Church is one of the few remaining examples of 16th century Spanish Gothic architecture in the Western Hemisphere. To aid with its restoration, it was added to the National Historic Fund’s list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.

    San Juan

  10. San Juan Bautista Cathedral

    The second oldest cathedral in the Americas, the San Juan Cathedral dates back centuries. The original structure, built in 1521, no longer stands; the current building was begun in 1540 and gradually evolved into the graceful Gothic façade you see today.

    San Juan

    Website (787) 722-0861

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