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Photo: Palomino Island, Fajardo

Use this map to locate Puerto Rico’s top beaches. You’ll see that many of them have earned the Blue Flag certification, which means the beach meets strict standards to ensure a clean, sustainable, and pristine environment.


  1. Carolina Beach Park

    A beautiful beach (actually, a string of three long beaches) just east of San Juan along Route 187 in the neighboring city of Carolina, this balneario has lovely views of Isla Verde, red-roofed picnic pavilions, and plenty of sand to play in.


  2. El Escambrón Beach Park

    Located just minutes from Old San Juan on Avenida Muñoz Rivera in the neighborhood of Puerta de Tierra, El Escambrón is a favorite for locals and tourists alike. This large beach faces the Atlantic Ocean, offers diversity of beach activities and views of the El Morro fort in the distance.

    San Juan

  3. Punta Salinas Beach Park

    This calm water beach, located near San Juan, has lifeguards, security and many other facilities, making it ideal for families and or many water activities.

    Toa Baja


  1. Boquerón Beach Park

    A perennial favorite with Puerto Rican families, you’ll find this mile-long stretch of beach in Cabo Rojo buzzing on summer weekends. The beach is easily accessible off Route 101, and its loyal fans love its smooth-as-glass water and excellent facilities, which include lifeguards, picnic tables, gazebos, handicap facilities, restrooms and a playground for the kids.

    Cabo Rojo


  1. Caja de Muertos Island

    A relaxing and beautiful 'white sand' beach with full facilities in Caja de Muertos, or Coffin Island, a pristine natural environment just eight miles off the coast of Ponce. It’s easily reachable by ferry.



  1. La Monserrate Beach Park

    Better known as Luquillo Beach, Balneario La Monserrate is one of the most popular beaches in all of Puerto Rico. Partly this is because of the size of the beach; partly it’s the lovely setting, with palm trees and the rain forest serving as the background; and partly it’s the calm, crystal-clear waters.


  2. Seven Seas Beach Park

    Named for its enchanting shades of blue waters, Seven Seas Beach is considered Fajardo’s best. Located at the northeast tip of the island, it offers gazebos, lifeguards, security guards, wheelchair access and camping (with permits, which can be purchased for a nominal fee).


Culebra & Vieques

  1. Flamenco Beach Park

    Flamenco Beach might just be the most beautiful beach in Puerto Rico, and one of the top beaches in the world. With lifeguard towers, numerous kiosks selling food, clothing and beach accessories, and easy access from the town of Dewey, it’s the crown jewel of Culebra Island.


  2. Sun Bay Beach Park

    Located on Vieques Island less than five minutes from the quaint town of Esperanza, Sun Bay (the locals call it Sombé) is a gorgeous, deep crescent of sand facing a tiny key. Coconut palms line the beachfront.


  1. Cayo Aurora (Gilligan Island)

    A very popular spot for locals, Gilligan’s beach features clear, calm water surrounded by beautiful mangrove canals. It is one of the best beaches for kayaking. Rentals are available.


  2. Icacos

    A 10-minute boat ride off the coast of Fajardo, Icacos offers some of the clearest waters to be found in Puerto Rico. It’s a very popular destination for snorkelers and catamaran boats.


  3. La Parguera Cays

    Explore more than 30 mangrove cays and islets with small beaches and very clear water, renowned by divers and snorkelers alike.


  4. Palominito

    This very small island of white sands and crystal clear waters might looks like a very desolate spot from afar, but it’s actually quite popular with the weekend boating crowd.


  5. Ratones Island

    Just a few minutes off the coast of Cabo Rojo, this tiny 1-acre island features a boat dock, white sand, a roped-off swimming area, gazebos with BBQ pits, restrooms and water showers.

    Cabo Rojo

  6. Tortuga Beach

    Tortuga is a crescent of white-sand beach in Culebrita Island, an amorphously shaped but pristine cay close to Culebra.


  1. Buyé

    At the southwestern tip of Puerto Rico, Buyé looks like a postcard picture. It has all the white sand and turquoise water your heart desires.

    Cabo Rojo

  2. Caracas (Red Beach)

    On the National Wildlife Refuge on the eastern side of the island, Caracas is a favorite among Vieques locals. There are several gazebos available, so bring your picnic basket.


  3. La Esperanza

    A series of small beaches surrounding a cove protected by large rocks. The path to this beach is surrounded by the natural vegetation of Hacienda La Esperanza. Keep in mind that visits are limited to weekends and holidays and that the path that leads to it is in poor condition. But as soon as you get there, you’ll know the trip was well worth the effort.


  4. La Playuela (Playa Sucia)

    To get to this gorgeous beach in Bahía Sucia (“Dirty Bay”), you have to drive past the Cabo Rojo salt flats amidst bare landscape of a dry forest and white, cracked earth. You’ll find openings in the scrub with narrow trails leading to miles of beautiful, isolated beachfront.

    Cabo Rojo

  5. Manglillo

    Its name means “little mangrove.” Not surprisingly, it is surrounded by a spectacular network of mangrove canals. It features a small area for picnics, making it ideal for spending a day at the beach.


  6. Mar Chiquita

    About 45 minutes away from San Juan, Mar Chiquita, or “Little Sea,” gets its name from its central attraction, a small, oval-shaped cove protected from the ocean by a wall of rocks. It is very popular among local sunbathers, but still off the beaten path.


  7. Pelicano Beach Park

    A relaxing and beautiful 'white sand' beach with full facilities in Caja de Muertos, or Coffin Island, a pristine natural environment just eight miles off the coast of Ponce. It’s easily reachable by ferry.


  8. Playa Escondida

    Its name says it all. Playa Escondida, which translates to “Hidden Beach,” is located to the west of Seven Seas Beach Park and is accessible only by trails that begin in the main beach. After a 25-minute hike, you’ll be rewarded with a picturesque strip of coast away from the crowds.


  9. Playa Rosada

    Have you ever debated between going to the beach or the pool? That won’t happen at Playa Rosada. Here you can have both at the same time. The highlight of this beach is a unique “ocean pool” formed by wooden decks right at the shore.


  10. Zoni Beach

    Some say Zoni is as beautiful as the more popular Flamenco Beach. True, it’s not as easily accessible and it doesn’t offer as many facilities. But if you truly want to get away from it all, Zoni might as well become your favorite beach in the world.


  1. Carlos Rosario Beach

    Culebra offers a smorgasbord of dive sites, but many locals will tell you the best snorkeling can be found off Carlos Rosario Beach, a secluded spot accessible by a hike from Flamenco Beach. It is a quiet beach with impressive coral reef formations and marine life.


  2. Crash Boat

    Aguadilla’s most famous beach features crystalline waters and golden sand. It is beloved by bathers, families, and surfers alike. If that isn’t versatile enough, it’s also a great spot for diving.


  3. La Chiva (Blue Beach)

    The water at La Chiva is very clear, warm and has many shallow spots perfect for snorkeling. Head to the rocky areas for the best exploration spots.


  4. La Pocita at El Escambrón Beach

    La Pocita is also within El Escambrón Beach Park. It’s small and calm, semi-enclosed bay with abundant marine life, a favorite spot for swimmers, divers and snorkelers.

    San Juan

  5. Rompeolas, Mosquito Pier

    This mile-long seawall was a failed attempt of building a road from Vieques to Puerto Rico by the United States Navy. The project was abandoned more than 60 years ago, but the remains now are the home of a stunning variety of life.


  6. Steps Beach

    Part of the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, Steps has a large coral reef packed with marine life.


  7. Tamarindo Beach

    Part of Culebra’s Luis Peña Channel Natural Reserve, Tamarindo will show you some amazing sea life. Stingrays and sea turtles are regulars at the Tamarindo reefs.


Lying on the beach seems like a perfectly good time to us. But you might have even more fun if you adventure into the water. Puerto Rico beaches are served by many companies that will rent out jet skis, banana boats, or whatever floats your boat, so you can make the most out of our day (or days) on the beach.


  1. Eco-Dive & Water Sports Center

    Scuba Dogs, San Juan

    Attractions: Escambron Beach Park

    Activities: Scuba Diving, Shore Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Walking, Sightseeing


  1. Bioluminiscent Bay and Sunset Snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea

    Amigos Tours, Lajas

    Attractions: La Parguera

    Activities: Snorkeling, Swimming, Sightseeing

  2. Desecheo Island Scuba & Snorkel

    Taíno Divers, Rincón

    Attractions: Desecheo Island

    Activities: Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Boat Diving

  3. Desecheo Island Trip

    Adventures Tourmarine, Rincón

    Attractions: Desecheo Island

    Activities: Diving, Snorkeling, Whale watching

  4. Gilligans Island

    Aventuras Puerto Rico, Guánica

    Attractions: Guilligan Island

    Activities: Snorkeling, Swimming

  5. Guided Dives

    Puerto Rico Technical Diving Center, Aguadilla

    Attractions: Crash Boat Beach

    Activities: Scuba Diving, Shore Diving, Technical Diving, Snorkeling

  6. Jet Ski Guided and Snorkeling Tour at La Parguera

    Paradise Puerto Rico Water Sports, Cabo Rojo

    Attractions: La Parguera, Caracoles, Mata La Gata

    Activities: Jet Ski, Snorkeling

  7. Mona Island Trip

    Adventures Tourmarine, Cabo Rojo

    Attractions: Mona Island

    Activities: Camping, Diving, Snorkeling, Hiking, Birdwatching

  8. Playa Santa & La Parguera Full Day

    Coastal Marine at West, Lajas

    Attractions: Playa Santa, La Parguera

    Activities: Snorkeling, Swimming, Sightseeing

  9. Rincón Snorkel and Sail Charter

    Katarina Sail Charters, Rincón

    Activities: Snorkeling, Swimming, Sailing

  10. Scuba and Snorkeling at West Coast

    Aquatica Dive & Surf, Aguadilla

    Activities: Scuba Diving, Snorkeling

  11. Shine Time Sunset Sail in Rincón

    Katarina Sail Charters, Rincón

    Activities: Snorkeling, Swimming, Sailing, cruising

  12. Snorkel Express at Rincón

    Flying Fish Parasail, Rincón

    Activities: Snorkeling

  13. Snorkeling Charter Trip

    Adventures Tourmarine, Cabo Rojo

    Activities: Snorkeling


  1. A Day in Paradise: Caja de Muertos Island

    Island Ventures, Ponce

    Attractions: Caja de Muertos Island

    Activities: Snorkeling, Swimming, Beachcombing

  2. Key Boat Trips

    Tropical Pirates Eco Tours, Guayama

    Attractions: Guayama Keys, Jobos Bay

    Activities: Sightseeing, beachcombing, Snorkeling

  3. Scuba Diving at Caja de Muertos Island

    Island Scuba, Ponce

    Attractions: Caja de Muertos Island

    Activities: Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming, Beachcombing

  4. Snorkeling Trips at the Caribbean Sea

    AquaAdventure, Salinas

    Activities: Snorkeling, Snuba


  1. A full day sailing and snorkeling

    East Island Excursions, Fajardo

    Attractions: Icacos, Palominitos, Palomino, Cayo Lobos

    Activities: Sailing, Catamaran, Snorkeling, Swimming

  2. Aquafari Culebra Kayaking and Snorkeling

    Kayaking Puerto Rico, Culebra

    Attractions: Culebra Island, Tamarindo Beach, Playa Tamarindo, Cayo Luis Peňa

    Activities: Kayaking, Snorkeling, Swimming

  3. Catamaran Day Saling

    Salty Dog, Fajardo

    Attractions: Icacos, Palominitos, Palomino, Cayo Lobos

    Activities: Sailing, Snorkeling, Beachcombing

  4. Catamaran Sail & Snorkel Buffet

    Dragonfly Adventures, Fajardo

    Activities: Sailing, Catamaran, Snorkeling, Swimming

  5. Culebra SeaVenture Kayaking and Snorkeling

    Culebra Island Adventures, Culebra

    Attractions: Culebra Island, Tamarindo Beach, Luis Peña Cay, Cayo Luis Peña

    Activities: Kayaking, Snorkeling, Swimming

  6. Culebra Snorkeling Getaway

    East Island Excursions, Culebra

    Attractions: Culebra Island, Carlos Rosario, Cayo Luis Peña

    Activities: Sailing, Catamaran, Snorkeling, Swimming

  7. Culebra Snorkeling Tour: Full Day Tour & Culebrita Island

    Casa Del Mar, Culebra

    Attractions: Culebrita Beach, Culebra Island, Luis Peňa Natural Park, Cayo Luis Peňa

    Activities: Snorkeling, Swimming

  8. Culebra: Turtles N' More

    Culebra Island Adventures, Culebra

    Attractions: Culebra Island, Tamarindo Beach, Luis Peña Cay, Cayo Luis Peña

    Activities: Snorkeling, Swimming

  9. Day Sail & Snorkeling at Vieques

    Caribbean Lady Sailing Charters, Vieques

    Activities: Sailing, Snorkeling

  10. Day Sail at Catamaran Spread Eagle

    Spread Eagle II, Fajardo

    Attractions: Icacos, Lobos, Palomino,Palominito

    Activities: Snorkeling, Sailing

  11. Explore the Coral Reefs of Cayo Afuera

    Abe's Snorkeling & Bio Bay Tours, Vieques

    Attractions: Cayo de Afuera

    Activities: Kayaking, Snorkeling

  12. Island Hop & Snorkel Guided Mini Boat Tour

    Kayaking Puerto Rico, Fajardo

    Activities: Snorkeling, Mini Boat

  13. Maragata Snorkeling Trips

    Maragata Yacht Charters, Humacao

    Attractions: Monkey Island (Cayo Santiago), Culebra Island, Vieques Island

    Activities: Snorkeling

  14. Sail and Snorkel Catamaran Party

    Caribbean School of Aquatics, Fajardo

    Activities: Catamaran, Sailing, Snorkeling

  15. Sailing & Snorkeling Charter

    Erin Go Bragh Charters, Fajardo

    Attractions: Icacos, Palominitos, Palomino, Cayo Lobos

    Activities: Snorkeling, Swimming, Sailing

  16. Sailing Catamaran & Snorkel Tour

    Traveler Catamaran, Fajardo

    Attractions: Icacos

    Activities: Sailing, Snorkeling, beachcombing

  17. Scuba & Snorkel Getaway at Fajardo

    Sea Ventures, Fajardo

    Attractions: Puerto del Rey Marina

    Activities: Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Boat Diving

  18. Serenity Sea Private Boat Tour

    Serenity Sea Tours, Inc., Fajardo

    Attractions: Icacos, Lobos, Palomino,Palominito

    Activities: Sailing, Snorkeling, Beachcombing, cruising

  19. Seven Seas Kayaking & Snorkeling

    Island Kayaking Adventures, Fajardo

    Attractions: Seven Seas Beach Park, Playa Escondida

    Activities: Kayaking, Snorkeling, Swimming

  20. Snorkeling at Icacos

    Castillo Tours, Fajardo

    Attractions: Icacos

    Activities: Snorkeling, Catamaran

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