If you’re thinking about a Caribbean vacation, Puerto Rico should be one of the first places to come to mind. This tropical island offers off-the-beaten track adventures, unique culinary experiences and a whole 360 degrees of beautiful, white sand beaches. All this, plus it’s an easy flight from the U.S. — no passport needed for U.S. citizens.
If you’re still asking “Is Puerto Rico safe?”, we are here to tell you the answer is yes. Puerto Rico is open for business. The resilience of the Puerto Rican people can be seen in how locals have pulled together in the past months to help repair the island's infrastructure, with efforts continuing through to today. The beaches are as stunning as ever, and some 120 tourist attractions are ready and waiting for you to visit. Now is a great time to plan your Puerto Rico vacation, so we want to put your mind at ease and answer your most burning questions about life on the island today.

What’s it like in Puerto Rico today? Is there electricity, running water and wifi?
In Puerto Rico today, you can enjoy the tropical scenery all day, then step into a comfortable and well-appointed hotel room at night. Currently, there are at least 140 hotels open — including full resorts like Wyndham Rio Mar near San Juan to boutique hotels like Club Seabourne in Culebra — and these numbers will only continue to rise. You’ll have all the essentials during your stay, including power, water and wifi: the grid is up and running for AEE clients, and at this moment, power generation is at 95% and water services are at about 99%, with these figures improving constantly. Additionally, almost all hotels and vacation rentals offer high-speed internet to guests, and many restaurants, cafes and panaderías (bakeries) do, as well.
Will I still be able to visit Puerto Rico’s many restaurants?
Puerto Rico is back in business, particularly when it comes to its award-winning restaurants. There’s no shortage of delicious food on offer across the island: 4,000 restaurants are ready to serve you, with a heightened focus on promoting local products and highlighting the unique Puerto Rican culture. You can expect thoughtful, flavor-filled menus and an inclusive sense of community (and yes, you can drink the tap water too).
Can I still visit the areas outside of San Juan? How easy is it to get around?
Since Puerto Rico isn’t a big island, you can easily drive from one end to the other in a single day. The highways between major points of interest, such as San Juan and Ponce, are today in good repair and easy to navigate, and it’s easy to rent a car at the airport when you arrive. Consider getting around with hired cars, a taxi (there are always plenty around airports and hotels) or book a shuttle if you prefer not to do your own navigating.

On that note, rest assured that most of Puerto Rico’s best attractions are ready and waiting for you. There are many day trips and sightseeing options available and open, from a leisurely food-focused tour with Spoon Food Tours in San Juan to an adventure-filled day of sailing and zip lining with Toro Verde in Orocovis. Puerto Rico has always had something for everyone, and that natural variety remains today.
What’s the nightlife like in San Juan? Is it safe?
Puerto Rico has long been noted as a welcoming island for tourists, and that hasn’t changed. Old San Juan is a busy and bustling space, where locals and travelers can mix happily and enjoy all that this historic and vibrant area has to offer.

You’ll find most nightlife is on well-lit, busy streets, with something available for everybody. Check out Funky Buddha in Santurce for a hip cocktail selection. Or visit La Placita, a market by day that becomes a vibrant nightlife scene — an “open-air party” — on weekends. Whether you’re interested in a casual night of drinks at Red Monkey, or a more upscale evening at The Cigar House, Old San Juan’s got a spot for you.

More than ever, the people of Puerto Rico are ready for tourists as their visits help rebuild the island’s economy. Crowds are down and businesses are open. You can’t find a more perfect combination for a stress-free vacation.
What about all of Puerto Rico’s many famous events? Are they still going ahead?
Absolutely! There’s the San Sebastian Street Festival in Old San Juan and Puerto Rico Heineken Jazz Fest, with this latter event attracting thousands of people every year. Festival de la Piña takes place in beautiful Lajas, and in early 2019, global sensation Hamilton will be coming to Puerto Rico, with Lin-Manuel Miranda himself returning to the lead role.

There’s always plenty to experience in Puerto Rico, from the flavor of pasteles and the energy of the local markets to the beauty of the ocean and the sounds of the lively music in the plazas at night. Now is a great time to enjoy all that Puerto Rico has to offer, so pack your bags and get set for an adventure like no other.
Do you still have questions about life in Puerto Rico today? Reach out to us here.